Cheese the chao
Some attributes
First Kind- chao
Second gender- male
Third Attire-Red bow-tie
Other attributes
Fourth Height

40 cm (1 ft. 3 in.)

Fifth Weight-unknown
Sixth best friend- Cream

Cheese (チーズ Chīzu?) is the name of a Chao owned by Cream the rabbit. He is often used as a method of attack by Cream in the many games they both appear in. Cheese measures 40 cm (1ft and 3in). He has the appearance of a neutral child Chao: he is light blue and has yellow markings at the tip of its head, hands, feet and tail, bulb-shaped head, dark blue eyes, a floating, yellow pom-pom ball hovering above the top of his head that changes appearance corresponding to his emotions, two pink butterfly-like wings and a small circular tail. He is distinguishable from other Chao by his red bow tie (its color alternates to pink depending on the game played). He is part of the EFF, being one of their bakers.