Eastern hemiphere

Western Hemiphere

Government Type
Mostly republic
Current Year
Dragon teeth
Major Locations
Kialon island, Pokemon Paradise, the three kingdoms
Minor Locations
Eagle Peaks, Sojuno Desert
Pokemon, magical creatures

Condilion is a planet full of magic, freedom, and peace. Condilion is home to the EFF agents. It was originally a land of hatred, tyranny, and war before the EFF was founded. The agency still faces major problems with the planet, but overall it has gotten better since they arrived.

Condilion is roughly the same size as Earth, but slightly larger. It is located in the Wishful Galaxy in the solar system of Shym.

480px-Custom Flags to Dogkid1

The flag


Western Hemisphere

Locations in the Western hemisphere (Lali region).

Scale continent

Tail contient

Mudkip Ocean

  • Sea Kingdom

Tide Ocean


Eastern Hemisphere

Locations in the Eastern hemisphere (Ela region).

Feather continent

  • Shimai Mountains
  • Untamed Forest
  • Earth Kingdom: The lost kingdom, which disappeared mysteriously after the conclusion of the Revolutionary War of Condilion

Claw continent

  • Zainializ Rain Forest
  • Durewen Rain Forest (south of Zainializ)
  • Fire Kingdom: Formerly, before the Dark Kingdom destroyed it. It was the biggest and most powerful kingdom.


  • Pilio Lagoon

Pilion Ocean


Vortex Circle

Located at the highest point of Condilion.

  • Ice Cap
    • Ice Kingdom
  • Arctic Ocean
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