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The EFF (Elite Fictional Force) is a hero agency based on Kialon island on the planet Condilion founded by Gracie. It's main focus is protecting the peace of the fictional universe, having many outposts located on other planets. It's kept as a secret from the general public, only top heroes in their respective universes knowing about it.


Known members can be viewed here, but important members are discussed below:

  • Gracie is the founder and current director of the EFF. She is a shapeshifter, but takes on the primary form of an aqua penguin with red hair.
  • Twilight Sparkle is Gracie's personal assistant and librarian.
  • Spyro is one of the two assistant directors, taking on the duties of exploring Condilion to better understand it.
  • Giroro is in charge of maintaining the weaponry of the agency. He is a founding agent.
  • Jewel is the other assistant director, specializing in running the EFF charity, which helps those in need around the universe.
  • Sonic is a founding member and apart of the council.
  • Tails is in charge of innovative inventing and conducting research on the fictional universe.
  • Applejack is the council president, overseeing all decisions made within the agency.
  • Amy is in charge of the recruitment of new agents.


The New EFF is the renewed EFF after it disbands in the timelime of EFF Agents the movie 3- 25 years later. It consists mainly of the children of the original EFF agents. Gracie is still the director, but hints at giving up the position to Lara-su. It is not strictly canon, however, as the third movie takes place in an alternate timeline.

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