EFF Agents the movie 3- 25 years later
Release date(s)
1 hour and 30 minutes
Condilion Pictures

EFF Agents the movie 3- 25 years later is the 3rd movie in the EFF Agents the movie series. It takes place in 2039, but not in the canon timeline.


Condilion has been quiet since Thorn's defeat, just as the EFF wanted. The team disbands, giving the now former members a chance to live on their old planet and reunite with their friends and family. But twenty years later, Dogkid reports to all the former EFF members that Condilion and its kingdoms may soon be under attack by a new villain! The agents say they'll come to Condilion ASAP, but what Dogkid doesn't know is that some of them are also bringing their kids! Also, one of Sonic's friends that was never in the EFF decides to come along. With a new EFF starting to form, Dogkid will need to train all the descendants of her former agents.









  • Bia claims she has a mate and chicks and grand-chicks back at Rio, but she left them in the Spix's Macaw village to protect the other few Spix's Macaws the way she had for several years. This could mean that Bia was the next leader of the Spix's Macaws after her grandfather.
  • Giroro, Tamama, Kururu, Dogkid1, Fluttershy, Carla, Rainbow Dash, Spike, and AppleJack are the only agents that appear in this movie that don't have kids and spouses.
    • However, Carla mentioned being engaged to an unknown character in the scene after the credits. She mentions it's a girl.
    • Tamama still hasn't let go on his crush on Keroro.
    • Fluttershy is dating Big Mac, but they aren't married.
    • Rainbow Dash and Applejack are dating.
  • Flashbolt and Lily the Chesnaught, Marcus the stickman and Brooke the stickgirl are the only married couples without kids.
  • Blu and Jewel are never mentioned or seen.
    • This could be due to that they're dead and Dogkid decided not to imply that.
      • Spix's Macaws live up to 35 years, and in Rio, Blu mentions he's 15 years old (Jewel most likely being around the age), and 25 years later they'd be at least 40, over the limit of how long a Spix's Macaw can live.
  • This movie has a very large cast.
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