"This is my seat. Where the freak do you sit?"

Best Friend

FlashFire (フラッシュ火災) is the corporal of the Neutral pony platoon.


FlashFire was sold when she was a newborn to Queen Chrysalis sense her mum thought she was "useless and 3 others of her 5 foals (Including Flashfire) looked like her,and seemed to think like her". FlashFire grew up as a changeling server. She fed the changelings,washed them, and guided them on their missions. She never got to go outside, but she found out she could see the outer world on special missions. The typical missions were just near the exit out of the castle, to attack outsiders.

FlashFire wanted to see the outer world, and decided to plan escape from that pesky changeling castle. She didn't care if Queen Chrysalis said "The outer world is dangerous" or "It's full of pesky ponies that plan to destroy the changeling kind!".

FlashFire escaped by saying "There's pesky ponies coming towards our castle!". Even though, there were none. FlashFire said there weren't much ponies, so she only took 2 changelings. FlashFire ditch the 2 changelings and left the changeling castle behind. FlashFire found herself in Baltimare, and realized that she should find her parents, and find out why she was abandoned into that gloomy castle. She tried to trace back her steps. She remember Queen Chrysalis saying something about her mother living in Canterlot, but that was so long ago FlashFire couldn't even remember it clearly! FlashFire realized that Queen Chrysalis was hiding so much from her for 11 years! She looked around for a nice looking pony to ask. That's when she spotted Medly. She asked Medly if she knew anything about the name "FlashFire" or her mother's name "Vliona". FlashFire wondered if Queen Chrysalis wasn't lying when she said her mother's name was Vliona. "Vliona...oh! I think she's the mother of DJ Pon-3!" the two talked for what seemed like hours! The two became friends. They decided to start their very own little platoon; Neutral pony platoon.