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"You'll never find me!"

Best Friend
Romantic Interest


Kicoco grew up always wishing to be part of the Keron army, but hasn't joined them yet. Kicoco met Tamama during keronian school at the age 9. Ever since they met, they have been great friends. They always help each other and play together. When Kicoco turned 10, Tanama introduced her to the a.r.m.p.i.t. platoon; Keroro, Giroro, Dororo, and Kururu.

When the Keroro platoon went missing during an ambush on Earth, Kicoco began to worry. Kicoco and other keroians on Keron worried about the missing frogs for days. Years later, When Kicoco became 14, they returned. All Kicoco wanted to do was hug her old friends, especially Tamama! She continues to be great friends with Tamama and the Keroro platoon.

25 years later

In EFF Agents the movie 3- 25 years later, Kicoco appears briefly alongside Tamama, but they aren't married or in a relationship. Tamama is still shown to have a crush on Keroro, and he seems to have finally noticed it, but claims he has a wife back home. Kicoco is seen in the background, looking longingly at Tamama, wishing he would notice her.


Giroro - Friends

Tamama - Crush

Keroro - Friends

Kururu - No interest (What a creep!)

Dororo -Friends

Garuru - Kicoco is afraid of him

Pururu - Good friends

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