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Kirby's Playstation Adventure

A NINTENDO-Owned franchise on Playstation

Directed by
Kirlia The Pokemon
Released Date
USA - November 16, 2014

Japan - July 2, 2014

EUROPE - November 16, 2014


Japan - A
Based on
the cancelled kirby game for gamecube

Kirby's Playstation Adventure is a Playstation 3 game that was released in November 16, 2014, Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, Published by Nintendo.

it is the first game after Nintendo ran out of Wii U ideas and working with Sony since the failed Nintendo-Sony Partnership attempt at making Playstation console.

it is also the first game that helpers from Kirby Super Star snes and it's remake actually returned to the kirby franchise but you need a certain button on playstation move in order to summon helper which was Criticized by both Players and critcs.


This game's plot is same as Kirby's cancelled GCN adventure but with twerked storyline: 

The story begins with King Dedede stole Kirby's Warp Star and he is trying to get it back but he is contacted by a new enemy that look like a unused  unnamed final boss concept except with a updated design, King Dedede was tricked by the new enemy and gets proccessed.

It's up to Kirby and his helper to stop king dedede and his new "friend" the new enemy (It is not given a name due to it being status as a mysterious character)


it was  well received by Critcs. it was sold about 300 sales in Retailer 

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