Medly (Spring Fog)
"Don't choose any path.It solves...everything."
Some attributes
First Kind- Pegasus (originally unicorn)
Second Age- 14
Third Romance interest- NightWing
Other attributes
Fourth Nicknames- Spring Fog,Med,Green thing (by Slenderpony)
Fifth From- Ireland
Sixth Side- neutral

Spring Fog (春の霧), or Medly, is the sergeant major of the Neutral Pony platoon.


Medly was born in Baltimare and lives there. She loves to play with her friends the mane 6,SmileShine,and NightWing. Her boyfriend is Nightwing, and they are a happy couple. Medly sometimes takes vacations to Ponyville to see her friends. Medly is known to be a hero, and end up sometimes on the dark side for her attempts to steal rares and gold.

Dating Night Wing

After escaping Slenderpony's horrid mine, Night Wing and Medly became great friends. They soon later became a happy couple.

Turning into a pegasus

At the age of 13, Medly would much rather abuse her unicorn powers. She would use her powers to scare ponies, and even freak out ponies. So Princess Celestia decided to change Medly's type; a pegasus. Celestia told Medly that if she somehow abused her pegasus powers, she would be turned into a earth pony.

Development and character design

Medly shares her design and name scheme with one of the first g1 Pegasus .

Cutie Mark

Medly's cutie mark is a little different from the g1 Medly.

Medly's cutie mark.