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    Welcome to Dogkid's Wiki of Wonder!

    Hello! Welcome to Dogkid's Wiki of Wonder, the free online encyclopedia all about EFF Agents and other fandom creations! We hope you enjoy your stay here. We are NOT affiliated in any way with the canon characters on this website's respective owners. They are used with utmost respect for their original owners.

    Before you continue to make your edits, please read our policy first to understand our principles, regulations, rules and the way we work here.

    All users have their very own user page. User pages are pages in which the user, who owns the page, can describe themselves. Feel free to fill out your user page with information about yourself, and anything else you would like to say.

    For help when editing wikis, visit Our Help Center.

    You can post your fan characters here, just by clicking the "Contribute" button on the top to the right. Click on "Add a Page," enter your fan character's name, and start writing information! You can also add pictures, by using the photo button on the right rail when editing. Before making your fan characters, follow our rules here. The rules may seem simple, but make sure to read them just in case they're different from a wikia you're coming from.

    Thanks! And, once again, welcome to our wiki! We hope to work with you and make a fantastic growing wiki!

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