"I've changed a lot since I started hanging out with Sonic, but I can't depend on him forever. I know I can do this by myself!"
Miles "Tails" Prower


Tails Sonic Boom


11 (EFF Agents)
Romance interest
Cream (hinted)

Miles Prower (better known by his nickname, Tails) is an EFF agent, being their main inventor.

EFF Agents

In The Evolution Of The EFF part 2, Tails is rescued by Sonic after being held captive by Doctor Eggman. Eggman also held Knuckles captive. After figuring out Eggman abducted the two from Mobius to use them as bait to Sonic, they were at peace, finally knowing why they were sucked from their normal life. Tails and Knuckles joined the EFF to help their friend in saving the world, like they always did, and have been recurring characters since.

Tails and Dogkid are close, Tails showing great respect and trust in his superior. He's made several wormholes to different dimensions, which are proven to be very helpful in recruiting new members, but a bit dangerous as they slowly rip the space-time continuum.


Tails is loyal, gentle-hearted, and positive. As a child, Tails was very shy and lacked self-confidence. However, when he met Sonic, he started to get a better outlook on life and lost his shyness. Now Tails is brave, motivated, and independent.

Tails is very intelligent for his age, understanding multiple complicated concepts such as quantum physics, electromagnetism, and Riemannian geometry. He's often buried away in his lab, working on inventions. He doesn't like anyone bothering him when he's busy, and gets irritated and stressed when asked to do things in the middle of his experiments.