"It is better than bad crappy shows."
~ a Sarcastic slogan.
The Meowstic family

The Meowstic Family is a adult-oriented American tv show that aired on Cartoon network's adult-oriented adult swim. unlike other adult-oriented pokemon-related tv shows, it only aired on adult swim rather than the pokemon channel (the most known for making pokemon tv show). unlike actual pokemon: XY series, all pokemon can talk even legendary pokemon.


  • Joseph The Espurr - son.
  • Joseph's parents  - these are two meowstics that are male and female.


  • it is not the first pokemon parody to get TV-MA from Tv Parental guidance. The first pokemon parody to get TV-MA is Chinpokomon from south park. then some robot chicken sketches of pokemon, then Just a pokemon battle, then Pikachu gets pokemon rabies, Now Flashbolt's Adventures.
  • Although The slogan sarcastically states it is better than any bad crappy shows. the bad shows does refer to "Fanboy & Chum Chum" on nickelodeon,  The cleveland show on Fox, and so on.
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