The evolution of the EFF part 1
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Sonic showing Dogkid where the frogs would be during the ambush from Eggman.
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First Storyboard- Dogkid1
Second Overall episode number- 2
Third Episode 2 (season 1)
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Fourth Main characters- Sonic,Dogkid,the sgt frogs,Eggman
Fifth aired- January 2013, 5th


The EFF is now public, and requests to be in it are now being taken. Dogkid and the rest of the agents are in the meeting room chatting about what the villans will think about the EFF and if being public will attract some to defeat. Sonic comes rushing into the meeting room screaming, "Eggman is planning to ambush our HQ!"Everyone goes silent. "Wheres the proof, True Blue?" Dogkid said, walking up to Sonic. He shows the stolen info. The whole room gasps. The Keroro Platoon members decided to go to the beach and plan on what they should do. When Eggman tries to break into the EFF HQ. He fails. Sonic and Dogkid fled the EFF HQ to warn others in case Eggman plans to attack more than just the base. Spyro and the others were to take care of the HQ. Secretly, Sonic and Dogkid were going to destroy Eggman's HQ, so that Eggman could have nothing to attack with. The frogs decided to exit the beach soon to help defend agents by secretly putting tnt in the Eggman Empire so that the whole Eggman empire would explode. Pretty soon the TNT was placed, and the frogs blew it up...with Dogkid and Sonic within! Continues in part 2...

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A New Beginning The evolution of the EFF part 2
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