The evolution of the EFF part 2
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First Aired- January 2013, 5
Second Overall Episode number- 3
Third ep. 3 (season 1)
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Fourth Storyboard- Dogkid1
Fifth season number- 1
Sixth Main characters- Sonic,Dogkid,keroro platoon,Eggman


After the TNT blows up, the frogs catch up with Dogkid and Sonic. Dororo asks Sonic where they are going. "We're going to the main circuit, we gotta destroy it!" Sonic said still running. The frogs decide to help. Sonic leaves the group to check Eggman's lab for captured friends. He sees Tails and Knuckles, freeing them, they rejoin the group. When they catch up the circuit is already falling apart. "It's not like you to be so slow" Dogkid smirks as they run out, leaving scraps of metal and ash behind them. Back at the EFF HQ, Eggman feels the shockwave from the explosion. He quickly flees and brings his robots to what used to be his base. Spyro, Cynder,and the rest of the crew were relieved that Eggman didn't steal anything during his attack. The damage would take many weeks to fix, though. Dogkid and the frogs returned with Sonic and his two friends, Tails and Knuckles. After assesing the damage the he agents celebrate until the sun goes down.

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