"Haven't you heard of me? I'm Thorn." -Thorn



Underwater Kanji Dragon
Romance interest
Biggest threat to Condilion

Thorn is a powerful and evil dragon. He threatens many universes, and proceeds to scare innocent creatures out of their homes. His parents died when their empire was ambushed by the CPF (Cartoon Protection Force) 390 years ago. The CPF was disbanded 10 years after the attack, due to Thorn's nefarious actions (it is presumed he killed them off). He continues to attempt to kill many heroes, as he doesn't want any more villains to die. He makes his debut in the EFF Agents series in Attack of the Bloody, acting as the series' main antagonist.

It is unknown how, but his dragon species enables him to live for up to 10 centuries. It is presumed that the Underwater Kanji dragons got a hold of a special gemstone that granted them a long lifespand, like some of the dragons in Thorn's movement found a gemstone that gave them the ability to curse certain objects.


He can breathe underwater, fly very fast, breathe deadly fire, and claw his enemies to death. He does, however, have a weakness to the power Princess Celestia can summon.


Thorn is destructive, ill-tempered, and authoritative. He hates to see any one die because of people who claim to be heroes. He thinks the world would be a much better place without them. The people in his movement are incredibly loyal to him, and any one found betraying - or in the act of - him is usually taken away and killed. No one dares to cross him. His pressure point is his parents.

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